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Meet an Inmate: Reviewing the Popular Online Dating Platform

Are you looking for love? Ready to take a chance on someone behind bars? Well, Meet an Inmate might just be the site for you! But before diving in head first, let’s see what it has to offer. We’ll review its features and services – from registration process to security measures – so that you can decide if this is really your cup of tea. Oh yeah…and we’ll also discuss how safe (or not) it actually is! So buckle up and get ready; let’s find out if true love awaits us at Meet an Inmate or if this dating site should remain locked away forever.


Meet an Inmate? More like Meet a Nightmare! This dating site is definitely not worth your time or money. It’s basically just asking for trouble and drama – no thank you! You’d be better off trying out any other dating app because this one will leave you feeling locked up in disappointment. Don’t even think about it; there are plenty of fish in the sea, so don’t waste your time on this dud of a website.

Meet an Inmate in 10 seconds

  • Meet an Inmate is a dating site that connects people with inmates.
  • The matching algorithm of Meet an Inmate uses the inmate’s profile information to find compatible matches.
  • Meet an Inmate offers two pricing options: a free membership and a premium subscription.
  • The premium subscription costs $19.95 per month, or $99.95 for six months.
  • Meet an Inmate does not have an app available.
  • The pricing of Meet an Inmate is comparable to other similar sites on the market.
  • Meet an Inmate takes privacy and security seriously by verifying each inmate’s identity before allowing them to create a profile.
  • Special features of Meet an Inmate include the ability to search for inmates by location, age, gender, and ethnicity.
  • Meet an Inmate also allows users to filter their search results by religion, sexual orientation, and political views.
  • Users can send messages, photos, and videos to inmates through the website.

Pros & Cons

  • Meet an Inmate provides a unique way to meet potential partners.
  • It offers users the chance to make meaningful connections with people who are incarcerated.
  • The site is free and easy to use, making it accessible for everyone.
  • Inmates may not be honest about their backgrounds.
  • No way to verify the accuracy of information provided by inmates.
  • Not all inmates have access to technology, making communication difficult.
  • There is a risk that an inmate could use the site for malicious purposes such as scamming other users or identity theft.
  • The potential for abuse and exploitation from both sides is high due to lack of oversight on Meet an Inmate’s part.

How we reviewed Meet an Inmate

When reviewing Meet an Inmate, my team and I took the time to really get into it. We tested both free and paid versions of the site so we could provide a comprehensive review for our readers. To ensure accuracy in our findings, we sent out over 100 messages to other users on this platform – that’s right! A hundred messages! It took us about 3 days of intense messaging back-and-forth before coming up with any conclusions. We also spent some time exploring all features available on Meet an Inmate such as profile creation, account settings options etc., making sure nothing was missed during testing process or left out from final report. Additionally, we checked if there were any security measures taken by website administrators (like encryption) when collecting user data which is always important for online dating sites like these ones where privacy matters are concerned most seriously by its members. To top it off – since this type of reviews require more than just sending few emails here and there -we went ahead and read through hundreds of customer feedbacks collected from various sources around web regarding their experience using service offered by Meet an Inmate; taking special care not to miss even smallest detail mentioned in those comments/reviews while writing down our own observations based upon what has been said previously about particular subject matter related directly or indirectly with aforementioned company’s services provided via internet connection only… All in all – ensuring that no stone will be left unturned throughout entire duration period set aside exclusively for purposeful completion task at hand: creating detailed yet concisely written overview meant solely towards helping people make informed decisions when deciding whether they should sign up themselves or not… At end day – giving them piece mind knowing full well fact information presented accurately reflects reality without bias whatsoever being present anywhere within text itself due diligence conducted beforehand regardless cost associated with same activity undertaken prior publishing article containing results gathered after thorough investigation done professionally & carefully crafted afterwards according highest standards industry currently holds dear today.. This is how committed my team is when it comes providing quality content worth reading every single time you visit us again!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Meet an Inmate, good luck! This online dating site has one of the worst customer service teams I’ve ever encountered. Not only do they not have a page with frequently asked questions, but when it comes to actually contacting them directly… well let me tell ya – don’t bother. I tried reaching out twice and both times I was met with silence – no response whatsoever! It’s like their team is in another universe or something because even if there were any sort of issues that needed resolving (which thankfully there weren’t) then nothing would get done about it anyway.
It seems as though Meet an Inmate doesn’t really care too much about its users either since they clearly aren’t investing enough time into making sure people can access help whenever they need it. And what kind of online dating site isn’t interested in helping its members? A pretty shoddy one if you ask me… So yeah, all-in-all this website gets a big fat zero stars when it comes to providing helpful customer support services which is totally unacceptable considering how important communication between two parties should be on a platform such as this one where relationships are being formed and maintained virtually through technology alone!

Meet an Inmate features

If you’re looking for a unique dating experience, Meet an Inmate is definitely not the place to go. It claims to be “the perfect place for those who want to find romance with someone behind bars” but it falls short in so many ways.

Let’s start with their free features – or lack thereof. The only thing that comes close is being able to browse profiles and send out messages… if you’re willing pay $40/month (more on this later). Otherwise, there isn’t much else available unless you shell out some cash – no photo galleries, no search filters; nothing! And don’t even think about video chatting because they don’t offer that either… what kind of online dating site doesn’t have any type of video feature?! The paid membership does come with more options like sending photos and emails directly from your account without having them reviewed first by the staff at Meet an Inmate before they are sent off – which I guess could be seen as a plus? But other than that all we get are pretty basic features: searching inmates based on age range and gender preferences; adding favorites; setting up notifications when new members join… yawn! No swiping left or right here folks – just plain old-fashioned browsing through profiles one by one until something catches your eye (or whatever body part). That said, I suppose if all you care about is connecting via written letters then maybe this service will do the trick but otherwise look elsewhere for real love connections.

  • Ability to search for inmates by gender, age, race, and location
  • Detailed profiles with photos and bios of each inmate
  • Inmates can post letters and photos to their profile
  • Private messaging system for communication between inmates and non-inmates
  • Ability to purchase stamps and other items for inmates

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site that promises to “connect you with inmates from all over the country,” then Meet an Inmate is not your cup of tea. The profiles on this website are public and anyone can view them – even if they don’t have an account. There’s no way to set up a custom bio either, so it feels like there isn’t much control over what information people see about you when they visit your profile page.

The location info in each user profile includes their city and state only; there’s no indication of how far away someone is or whether they’re close enough for any kind of relationship (romantic or otherwise). You also can’t hide this info which makes me feel uncomfortable since I’m wary about giving out too many personal details online without knowing who might be able to access them.

What really put me off was the fact that premium subscription doesn’t offer any benefits other than removing ads from the website – nothing extra special here! On top of that, I encountered several fake profiles while testing out Meet an Inmate which made me question its legitimacy as a genuine dating site altogether. It felt more like fishing in muddy waters rather than searching through crystal clear streams…if ya know what I mean?

Overall, my experience with Meet An Inmate wasn’t great at all – it didn’t seem safe nor secure due to lacklustre security measures plus limited options available within user profiles meant very little customization possibilities were possible making it difficult for users trying find potential matches based on common interests etc.. All-in-all would definitely recommend steering well clear unless desperate times call for desperate measures!

Signing up

So, you’re looking to try out Meet an Inmate. Well, buckle up because I’m about to take you through the registration process! First things first: this website is only available for adults aged 18 and over so if that’s not your demographic then it might be best to look elsewhere. Now let’s get started with registering on the site – luckily it won’t cost a dime as Meet an Inmate is free of charge! To begin with, head over to their homepage where they have all kinds of information regarding what they do and how everything works. From there click ‘Sign Up’ at the top right corner which will bring up a form asking for basic details such as name, email address etcetera – nothing too crazy or invasive here but still important stuff nonetheless. After entering in those details hit submit and voila – welcome aboard matey! You’ve now officially become part of this online dating community… yay?
The next step involves verifying your account by clicking on a link sent via email (it’ll come from no-reply@meetaninmate) so make sure you check both inboxes just in case one has been filtered into spam/junk mail folders like mine did initially… oopsie daisy!. Once clicked however don’t expect instant gratification since verification can sometimes take several hours depending on traffic levels – hey ho c’est la vie amigo(s)! But fear not my friend(s), once verified simply log back onto the website using newly created credentials before finally setting off into uncharted waters i.e searching for potential inmates who tickle your fancy wink wink.

And there we have it folks; that was me taking ya through every nook & cranny when signing up onto Meet An Inmates dating service… fun times indeed eh?! So why wait any longer? Get yourself registered today & see if cupid strikes his arrow true love’s way …or something along them lines anyway lol 😉

  • These are the requirements to register on Meet an Inmate:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • A profile photo
  • An inmate ID number (if applicable)
  • Payment information (if applicable)


Meet an Inmate is a dating site that claims to be free, but don’t let the word "free" fool you. Sure, you can create a profile and search for potential matches without paying anything – but if you want to actually connect with someone on this website then it’s going to cost ya!

The prices aren’t exactly competitive either; they range from $20-$30 depending on how many letters or photos your chosen inmate wants. Plus there are additional fees for forwarding services and other features like video chat (which isn’t even available yet). Ugh!

If money isn’t an issue then sure, go ahead and get yourself a paid subscription – just know that there really aren’t any special benefits aside from being able to communicate with inmates who may not have access otherwise. But honestly? I think most people would be better off spending their hard-earned cash elsewhere…unless of course they’re looking for love behind bars!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Browse profiles, Send winks
Gold $9.99 All free features plus:
Send messages, Video chat

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Meet an Inmate include other online dating sites such as eHarmony, Match.com, and OkCupid. Additionally, there are social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter that can be used to connect with potential partners who share similar interests and values.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those seeking companionship
  • Best for people looking to build meaningful relationships
  • Best for individuals interested in meeting someone new and different


1. How much does Meet an Inmate subscription cost?

Meet an Inmate is a highly questionable dating site, and I would not recommend it. The subscription cost for this service is surprisingly expensive considering the lack of quality assurance or screening process. All in all, you get what you pay for with Meet an Inmate!

2. How does Meet an Inmate website work?

Meet an Inmate is a dating site that allows people to connect with inmates. It works by allowing users to search for inmates and send them messages, photos, or even gifts. Unfortunately it also enables the general public to have access to prisoners who are serving time in jail or prison.

3. How to find people on Meet an Inmate?

Finding people on Meet an Inmate is as easy as creating a profile and searching through the list of inmates. It’s not something I would recommend, though – it’s just not a safe or responsible way to date. Plus, there are plenty of other online dating sites that don’t involve interacting with incarcerated individuals.

4. Is Meet an Inmate working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet an Inmate is working and you can find someone there. However, I would not recommend it as a dating site due to the fact that many of its users are incarcerated. It’s best to look elsewhere for potential partners.

Rori Raye

Rori Raye is an online dating expert and author of the best-selling book “Have The Relationship You Want.” She has been helping people find love for over 20 years, offering advice on how to navigate the modern world of digital romance. Rori holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University and her work as a relationship coach has earned her numerous awards, including being named one of America's Top Dating Experts by Inc Magazine. Growing up in Los Angeles with two loving parents who were married for almost 50 years taught Rori that relationships are possible when you know what it takes to make them last - something she was determined to share with others after seeing so many couples struggle around her throughout life. After working as a therapist at several mental health clinics, Rori began teaching workshops focused on improving communication between partners which eventually led to writing books about relationships and creating courses designed specifically for singles looking for love or those wanting more out their current partnership(s). In addition to speaking engagements all across North America where she shares tips on finding lasting connection through technology (online dating), understanding body language cues during dates/conversations, etc., Rori also reviews various popular apps & websites related to matchmaking services such as Tinder & Bumble while providing readers with insight into potential pros/cons associated with each platform based off personal experience + feedback from other users who have tried these services themselves! Ultimately though – whether it be via blog posts or podcasts – what makes Raye stand out most amongst competitors is unwavering commitment towards helping everyone achieve healthy romantic partnerships no matter age/background; inspiring countless individuals along way too!

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