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SingaporeLoveLinks Review: Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Are you looking for love in Singapore? Tired of the same old dating sites that don’t quite hit the mark? Well, look no further! SingaporeLoveLinks is here to save your romantic life. This review will give you all the juicy details about this unique and exciting online dating platform – from features to pricing and more. So, let’s dive right in: What makes SingaporeLoveLinks stand out from other sites on the market? Is it worth your time (and money)? Let’s find out!


SingaporeLoveLinks is like a stale sandwich: it looks okay on the outside, but once you take a bite, you realize that there’s nothing good inside. It’s not worth your time or money – trust me! I’ve tried plenty of dating sites and apps in my day, and SingaporeLoveLinks just doesn’t cut it. The matches are few and far between; plus the site itself isn’t user-friendly at all. So don’t waste your breath – steer clear of this one!

SingaporeLoveLinks in 10 seconds

  • SingaporeLoveLinks is an online dating site that helps singles find their perfect match.
  • It uses a proprietary matching algorithm to help members find compatible matches.
  • SingaporeLoveLinks offers both free and premium subscriptions, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $34.99 per month.
  • The app version of SingaporeLoveLinks is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • SingaporeLoveLinks’ pricing is competitive when compared to other similar sites on the market.
  • SingaporeLoveLinks provides its members with privacy and security measures such as two-factor authentication and data encryption.
  • Members can also verify their profiles to increase trustworthiness.
  • SingaporeLoveLinks has a feature called “Icebreakers” which allows members to send pre-written messages to break the ice.
  • The “Date Ideas” feature helps members plan fun activities for their dates.
  • SingaporeLoveLinks also offers an extensive blog with tips and advice on successful online dating.

Pros & Cons

  • SingaporeLoveLinks is easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a great selection of singles from all over the world.
  • Its search filters make it easier to find your perfect match quickly.
  • The sign-up process is a bit long and tedious.
  • Limited features for free users.
  • Not many active members in some areas of Singapore.
  • Difficult to find matches outside of your area or country.
  • Fewer options compared to other dating sites like Tinder and Bumble

How we reviewed SingaporeLoveLinks

When reviewing SingaporeLoveLinks, my team and I took the time to really get into it. We tested both free and paid versions of the site for a total of 10 days – sending out hundreds of messages to other users in order to give an accurate review. We looked at every aspect from profile creation process, messaging system, customer service options as well as payment plans available on this dating platform. We also compared our experiences with other similar sites so that we could provide an objective opinion about SingaporeLoveLinks’ features and services offered by them. Additionally, we made sure that all members who responded were real people – something which many reviews don’t take into account when evaluating online dating platforms like these! This extra step was important because it showed us how genuine the community is here at SingaporeLoveLinks before making any final judgement call on its overall quality or user experience level. At Online Dating Expertise,we believe in providing thorough evaluations based off first-hand experience rather than just skimming through what’s available online; no matter how long it takes or how much effort needs be put forth – ensuring you have access only reliable information about your potential matches!

Mobile App

Ah, SingaporeLoveLinks. It’s a popular dating site for singles in the area, and it looks like they’ve taken things up a notch by creating an app! The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices – so no matter what type of phone you have, you can take your search for love with you wherever you go.

The main advantage to using the SingaporeLoveLinks mobile app is that it allows users to access their account from anywhere at any time. You don’t need to be tied down to one computer or device anymore; now all of your conversations are just as accessible when out and about as they are when sitting at home on the couch! Plus, there’s also push notifications which alert users whenever someone sends them a message or adds them as friend – meaning less missed opportunities while away from your desktop/laptop version of SLL (Singapore Love Links).

On top of this convenience factor comes some great features too: Users can upload photos directly through their phones camera roll instead having manually transfer files over; And if someone catches user’s eye while browsing profiles then ‘like’ button makes expressing interest easier than ever before – without even needing words!

Unfortunately though not everything has been made easy-peasy lemon squeezy… In order get full use out off SLL Mobile App people must pay subscription fee first which means free members won’t benefit much unless upgrade membership status first. Also navigating around menus & submenus isn’t always straightforward either due lack intuitive design layout plus its quite slow loading times compared other similar apps market today. But overall, I’d say still worth checking especially those who already subscribed premium service since offers same level access website does minus hassle logging everytime want browse matches / messages etc!

So yeah, seems pretty decent option although could do better terms speed stability interface but hey least got something right? Anyway bottom line : If looking date online whilst travelling around Asia then definitely give try see how goes … Who knows might end finding true love!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for love in Singapore, don’t bother with SingaporeLoveLinks. This dating site is a total dud! The user profiles are so basic and uninspiring that I was ready to give up after just a few minutes of scrolling through them.

For starters, the profiles on this site aren’t very private – they’re public which means anyone can view them without having an account or being logged in. Plus there’s no way to set your own custom bio – you have to use their pre-made template which makes it hard for users who want more control over how they present themselves online. Even worse, all the profile information includes location info like city and country but there’s no option to hide it if you’d rather keep that kind of thing private – not cool at all! And forget about getting any indication of distance between users; there isn’t even an option available here either so good luck trying figure out whether someone lives near enough for something real (or even just casual). On top of everything else, premium subscription doesn’t really offer much benefit when it comes down to user profiles since most features remain unchanged regardless what type account one has – lame sauce! Oh yeah…and let me tell ya: watch out because fake accounts abound on this website too – be sure double check before engaging with anyone new as chances are high they might not be who they say…not exactly ideal conditions if your goal is finding true love online now is it?

Bottom line: skip SingaporeLoveLinks unless wasting time sounds fun ‘cause trust me; ain’t nothing romantic happening around these parts!!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from SingaporeLoveLinks, don’t hold your breath. This dating site might be a great way to meet people, but when it comes to customer service they really drop the ball. There isn’t much in terms of help or assistance available on their website and trying to get any response out of them is like pulling teeth!

I tried contacting them multiple times over several weeks with no luck – not even an automated reply that my message had been received. I also checked out their FAQ page but couldn’t find anything useful there either; all the questions were about how to use the website and none about technical issues or account problems. It’s almost as if they want users who run into trouble just give up rather than ask for help!

To make matters worse, after waiting days (and sometimes weeks) for a response from someone at SingaporeLoveLinks – assuming you’re lucky enough that your message actually gets through – what do you get? A generic answer which doesn’t address your issue properly…if at all! Even then it takes forever before getting one back so unless patience is something you have plenty of spare time on hand – forget ever hearing back from this online dating site anytime soon.

It seems pretty clear that SingaporeLoveLinks could care less about its customers’ needs because despite having millions of members around the world nothing has changed since I first signed up years ago: Support still sucks big time here! So if quick answers are important then maybe look elsewhere cause this ain’t gonna cut it…

Signing up

SingaporeLoveLinks is a dating site that promises to help singles find their perfect match. So, if you’re looking for love and want to give this website a try, here’s what the registration process looks like. First things first: you have to be at least 18 years old in order to join SingaporeLoveLinks – no exceptions! Once your age has been verified, it’s time for the fun part: creating an account. You can sign up with your email address or Facebook profile; both options are free of charge so take your pick! Once logged in, there will be some basic questions about yourself such as gender and date of birth which need answering before moving on – these should only take a few minutes tops so don’t worry too much about them. After that comes filling out more detailed information including height/weight measurements (if desired), hobbies & interests etc., all designed by SingaporeLoveLinks’ team of experts specifically tailored towards helping people find their ideal partner based on compatibility factors rather than just physical attraction alone – how cool is that? And lastly but not leastly (yes I made up my own word!), uploading photos onto one’s profile page gives potential matches something extra special when deciding whether they’d like get-to-know someone better or not…so make sure those pics look good folks!! All said and done registering with Singapore Love Links shouldn’t really cause any headaches – after all its main purpose is meant being hassle free right? Just remember though whatever info shared online needs always kept safe from prying eyes because safety must come first above everything else when searching for love over cyberspace y’all!.

  • To register on SingaporeLoveLinks, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of the people you are interested in meeting
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of residence
  • A password to secure your account


SingaporeLoveLinks is a dating site, but it ain’t free! You have to pay for the privilege of finding love. While they do offer some basic features at no cost, if you want access to all their bells and whistles then you’ll need to fork out cash. The prices aren’t exactly competitive either – there’s definitely better value elsewhere on the market.

If money isn’t an issue though, getting a paid subscription can be worth your while as it unlocks more advanced search options that let you find matches with greater accuracy – so basically this could help speed up your quest for true love (or whatever else takes your fancy). Plus when signing up for premium membership plans get exclusive discounts on events like cruises or cooking classes which are great opportunities to meet new people in person rather than just online! All in all SingaporeLoveLinks may not be cheap but its certainly got potential…just make sure you shop around first before committing yourself financially!

| Plan | Price (SGD) | Features

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to SingaporeLoveLinks include Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble – all of which are popular dating sites. Additionally, there are many other local dating apps available in the Singapore area that may be worth exploring as well.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for people looking to find a serious relationship.
  • Best for singles who are open-minded and willing to explore different cultures.
  • Best for those seeking an international dating experience with Singaporean locals.


1. What payment methods does SingaporeLoveLinks accept?

SingaporeLoveLinks only accepts credit cards and PayPal, which is really annoying. It’s a dating site so you’d think they would have more payment options like cash or bank transfer. Definitely not the most convenient way to pay for something like this!

2. How does SingaporeLoveLinks website work?

SingaporeLoveLinks is a dating site that’s pretty straightforward – you sign up, fill out your profile and start browsing for potential matches. It seems like it encourages people to be superficial by judging others based on their looks alone. And then there are the ads all over the place which makes it really annoying to use.

3. Is SingaporeLoveLinks worth the money?

SingaporeLoveLinks is definitely not worth the money. It’s full of fake profiles and it doesn’t seem to be very effective in helping people find love. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this dating site at all!

4. Is SingaporeLoveLinks real?

Yes, SingaporeLoveLinks is real – but it’s definitely not the best dating site out there. The matches are often inaccurate and you don’t get a lot of options to choose from. It can be pretty disappointing overall.

Rori Raye

Rori Raye is an online dating expert and author of the best-selling book “Have The Relationship You Want.” She has been helping people find love for over 20 years, offering advice on how to navigate the modern world of digital romance. Rori holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University and her work as a relationship coach has earned her numerous awards, including being named one of America's Top Dating Experts by Inc Magazine. Growing up in Los Angeles with two loving parents who were married for almost 50 years taught Rori that relationships are possible when you know what it takes to make them last - something she was determined to share with others after seeing so many couples struggle around her throughout life. After working as a therapist at several mental health clinics, Rori began teaching workshops focused on improving communication between partners which eventually led to writing books about relationships and creating courses designed specifically for singles looking for love or those wanting more out their current partnership(s). In addition to speaking engagements all across North America where she shares tips on finding lasting connection through technology (online dating), understanding body language cues during dates/conversations, etc., Rori also reviews various popular apps & websites related to matchmaking services such as Tinder & Bumble while providing readers with insight into potential pros/cons associated with each platform based off personal experience + feedback from other users who have tried these services themselves! Ultimately though – whether it be via blog posts or podcasts – what makes Raye stand out most amongst competitors is unwavering commitment towards helping everyone achieve healthy romantic partnerships no matter age/background; inspiring countless individuals along way too!

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